Monday, September 26, 2016

killing me softly

every time i find myself in a situation that no longer
 excites me or makes me happy, 
i always ask myself.. "should i stay? is it worth it?"
because i don't see how i can work well in a job that
i no longer have passion with.

people said,
"you're job's too easy other than the other people, then you'll just quit?"
they said, i just live near the company. 
unlike the other employee(s) who struggles themselves just to go the office, 
i on the other side have a vehicle which brings and fetches me every now and then. 
then they said, these people didn't give up, then you'll give up?

please. just stop the comparison.

they said i should not quit my job just because i'm not happy about it.
they said i should not give up just because its my job.
they said i'm lucky enough to be working in a big company with a nice name.
they said i'm lucky of the position i have.
they said i'm lucky i work in an office.

i am actually grateful with what i have now.
its just that, i don't like being treated like a robot.

i am doing my job pretty well, yet i don't get any recognition
i made mistake once or twice, it made the bosses crazy

dear bosses,
learn to handle your people
we don't need to get stressed and pressured
we need motivation

your soon to be ex employee

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