Sunday, October 2, 2016


last night,
i was in a hotel near by the beach.
i was having a vacation with my sister. it was a beautiful sunny day until
there was a group of people from the yacht who was about to land by the shore
when the sea water level rise up near the hotel.
it was a wonder but i didn't mind it anyway.
i was curious about why the water rose that high and was it normal?
there were lots of strangers and bakasyonistas in that place too. there was actually yachts and small boats in the sea.
then suddenly, there was a huge storm.

i saw the yachts and boats dancing in the sea.
i saw huge waves.
there was rain.
i was just looking at them.
until i saw people falling from the yacht.
i saw people died from the shipwreck.

it was horrible.

the next day,
when the sea was peaceful once again,
i saw all those yachts and boats upside down.
i saw dead bodies floating in the sea.
it was sad. very, very sad.

all those people. they died. in my dream.